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United States Water and Power is a small organization with a big idea. The idea is that water and power technologies, policies and practices should be environmentally sustainable by definition. U.S. Water and Power applies that same definition on a state-by-state basis including California Water and Power and on a county-by-county basis including Los Angeles County Water and Power. We welcome the participation and partnership of public agencies, private sector companies, community organizations and individuals who would like to co-create a sustainable water and power program in their county or state. Please contact us and we’ll build a better future today.

United States Water and Power Board of Directors


John C. Leddy - Co-Founder and President of U.S. Water and Power.

Mr. Leddy has over 30 years of experience in the public interest environmental arena. In 1982 he was the Founding Director of Communities for a Better Environment in Los Angeles, California. CBE-LA helped pioneer the contemporary environmental movement in Southern California at a time when professional environmental advocacy was in its infancy and years before municipal governments established their own environmental programs. Mr. Leddy is also CEO of  J Leddy Inc. Contact: JohnCLeddy@aol.com


Dwight Detter – Treasurer of the Board.

Mr. Detter is a U.S. Army Veteran and a Regional Manager of Whole Foods in Southern California.


Bart Giovennetti – Secretary of the Board.

Mr. Giovennetti is a California native and award winning special effects artist and computer graphics specialist in the film and television industry.


Director Emeritus

John B. Leddy – Co-Founder of U.S. Water and Power

Jack Leddy (retired) is a pioneer of the electronics industry and Silicon Valley. Mr. Leddy is a U.S. Navy Veteran and has served as a President of rural public water districts and currently serves as an advisor to U.S. Water and Power.

U.S. Water and Power
1179 Nelrose Ave.
Venice, CA 90291

Email: JohnCLeddy@aol.com

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